Hi! My name is Miranda Branch. I am very excited to be your 4th grade math teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. This will be my sixteenth year teaching and my 9th year at North Coffee Elementary. My husband, Dusty, and I have three beautiful children; Mason (15), Kealey (9), and Remi (4). We have one dog, as well, named Benji(Yorkie). This school year is going to be so much fun, but look different than years past. Please be patient with me. We will get through all this together! I look forward to getting to know everyone better!

My Favorite Things

BirthdayJune 10th

Color: green

Dessert:  strawberry cake;  anything chocolate

Candy:  starburst minis; Reese pieces; wintergreen mints

Restaurant: Mexican; pasta; wings

Hobbies/Interests: crafting on cricut; anything with my family

Flowerorange roses

Fast FoodBurger Places/ Zaxby’s, Sonic

Beverage: water w/lemon; Manchester Nutrition Teas; Dr. Pepper

Other Interests: UT Football, Braves Baseball