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Supply List 

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students will need a Soprano recorder for Music Class.  Soprano or school recorders can be purchased at any area music store.  Cost will be $8 to $10 a recorder.  You are encouraged to buy 2 recorders for you child.  One to keep at school and one to keep at home so they will always have a recorder when they need one to practice or to bring to Music Class.  If you would like to buy one through the school we will be ordering recorders after Christmas .  An order form will be sent home with the 3rd and 4th graders in January. The cost is $2.50 for a recorder.  So for the cost of one recorder from a Music Shop you can buy two recorders through the school.  Any student who can not afford to buy their own recorder will be furnished one by the school.  School Recorders fall under the same policy as school text books, lost, stolen, or broken the family must pay for it's replacement.  Cost of replacement is $2.50.

There are still a few $2.50 recorders left from last years order, any Fifth graders who would like to purchase one needs to bring a Check or $2.50 in cash to Mr. Wright. These will be sold on a first come basis.

Fifth Graders are playing recorders for the first two nine weeks and need a folder for Music Class that has pockets and prongs.

Fouth Graders will be playing recorders after the December holidays and will also need a folder for Music Class that has pockets and prongs.

Third Graders will be playing recorders during the last nine weeks of the year and also need a folder with pockets and prongs

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