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Clark, Adam Principal
Sizemore, Joahna Assistant Principal
Dennison, Jennifer Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper
Price, Elizabeth Counseling Services
Frederik, Kristin School Nurse
Rawn, Alethia School Resource Officer

Arnold, Treva Math Intervention
Barton, Monica Third Grade
Branch, Miranda Fourth Grade
Bryan, Sarah Fifth Grade
Crossland, Tommy Third Grade
Driver, Allyson Kindergarten
Ferrell, LeChelle Kindergarten
Ferrell, Lisa Pre-Kindergarten
Fitch, Amanda Kindergarten
Fletcher, Cindy Fourth Grade
Frederik, Kristin School Nurse
Gilliam, Cindy First Grade
Holt, Bobbi Librarian Media Specialist
Kittinger, Carmen First Grade
Mason, Chelsey Speech and Language Services
Miller, Tierra Second Grade
Pauley, Joie First Grade
Pearson, Kerry Reading Interventionist
Penick, Beth Special Services
Quick, Kim Third Grade
Smith, Petrina ESL Teacher
Sutton, Cindy Physical Education
Swack, Jennifer Second Grade
Talley, Janice Second Grade
Vinson, Brandy Fifth Grade
Vinson, Matt Fifth Grade
Wright, John Music

Barnes, Melissa Cafeteria Staff
Broyles, Maridath Special Services Aide
Cento, Lora PreK Aide
Fletcher, Amanda Special Services Aide
Lafevers, Larry Custodian
Lowery, Abbi Special Services Aide
Majors, Mary School Aide
Martin, Debra School Aide
Moore, Leonard Custodian
Pino, Melissa Cafeteria Staff
Rader, Joyce Cafeteria Staff
Shelton, Lisa Special Services Aide
Smith, Dewana Cafeteria Manager
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