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School Health

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North Coffee Elementary Health Services

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**For children entering Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten click here to see the requirements for Tennessee.**


Medications at School

Guidelines for Medications at School

For all prescription and non-prescription drugs, a written request shall be obtained from the parent(s) or guardian requesting that medication be given during school hours. The request must include the parent’s or guardian’s name and phone number in case of emergency. It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the written request and medication are brought to school. The medication authorization form can be found under the "Forms" section of the school website. 

Medications will not be dispensed to students without appropritate documentation.  Please DO NOT SEND medications to school with your child on the bus!


Some helpful links for parents: 

American Academy of Pediatrics

CDC Website

 Tennessee Department of Health

Tennessee Poison Center




Health services are provided for students to evaluate, protect, and promote health.  These services are constructed to (1) maintain access and/or referral to primary health care services,  (2) utilize appropriate use of primary health care services, (3) prevent and control communicable disease and other health concerns, (4) provide emergency care for students and staff illness or injury, (5) promote and provide optimum healthful conditions for a safe school facility and school environment, and (6) provide educational and counseling opportunities for promoting and maintaining individual, family, and community health.

Registered nurses in schools function most directly in three areas affecting students:  health services, health education,  and the school environment.  The school nurse will also interact within the school environment with other aspects of school health, mental health, social services, school nutrition, physical education and activity, family and community involvement, and staff health promotion.  The Registered School Nurse serves as a professional liaison with faculty, staff, and the medical community and coordinates health programs, promotes healthy lifestyles, and educates students, families, staff, and communities.

"Healthy Children Learn Better"

"Tennessee School Nurses are doing their part, thank you for doing yours"





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