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Recorder Karate

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Recorder Karate 5th Grade

5th Grade Students will begin playing Recorders the first full week of school in August.  Students will need a three prong folder to keep their music in and a recorder.  Most Students have their own personal recorder if they have attended North Coffee in the 3rd and 4th Grades as we play recorders in both of these grade levels.

If a child does not have a soprano recorder and does not plan on buying their own, the school will lend the child a recorder to use.  This is school propriety and usage is covered under the textbook agreement form all parents sign.  This instruments must be returned after the concert program in November.

At North Coffee we use a recorder playing program called Recorder Karate. In the Recorder Karate Program as a student masters a skill they earn a belt. We use colored pieces of yarn, that are tied on the bell of their recorders, for our belts .  There are 9 belts from white to black at the classroom skill level. Students who progress quickly and wish to be further challenged can earn belts at the Advanced Level.  Students at the Advanced level may meet outside of regular class time.

We plan to present our Holiday Recorder Concert in late November possible on Tuesday November the 19th at 6:00 PM in the School Gym.  If you are unable to attend our evening performance we will present the same program for the Student Body at 2:00 PM also on the 19th.  You are welcome to come to that performance or attend both.  When the date of our concert is confirmed it will be posted on the school wide calendar.

Students that have scored the highest on all their belts will be recognized at the concert. 

If you have any questions please contact me at school through the office of by email

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